Anhua establishes school-enterprise cooperative relationship with Shenzhen University


A few days ago, Shenzhen Anhua Optoelectronics Technology Co. LTD. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen University. Some leaders involved in Shenzhen University showed high expectations to this relationship. They all wished to turn it into a platform for students to do internship, design graduation thesis and find jobs. At the same time, Shenzhen University can take the advantages of the hardware and the software in the enterprise, which benefits the scientific and technical innovation, quality improvement and talents training and so forth.

Strengthening the construction of disciplines, combining science with technology, transforming of the achievement and cooperating of education are the focus of this agreement. Then enhancing the cooperation with each other to make new achievement, putting the achievement into real productivity finally; exerting respective advantages of both sides, which in order to get improvement, mutual promotion and reach a win-win situation. Better service to Shenzhen, event to China.